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Work Philosophy

  The Sai work philosophy is based on the fundamental beliefs / Values / way of life / Code of Conduct / moral codes espoused by the founding fathers and reinforced over a period of time through work practices , specific initiatives like a visioning exercise , the decisions making process, rewards , reprimands and recognitions.  


The senior leadership Team of the company has articulated the company’s vision, mission, Values and Competencies at the company level which is presented elsewhere.

The Vision & Value reinforcement exercise was carried out at an off site attended by 80 of the senior Team members as the leadership Team realized that as the company leap frogs into yet another growth phase there was a need to revisit and articulate the company’s vision ; making sure that the foundation is burly / sturdy & tough.

Sai Values

  • Customer focused
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to deliver
  • Long Term partnership

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